Shot in Boston, MA

For the upcoming F/W 2011 issue of Emerson College’s Em Magazine: Generation Why?

Music by Gardens & Villa
Track: “Star Fire Power” (

with Dagny Blomster, Andrew Asper, Gracie Gates, Abbey Volmer, Caroline Rhymer

Direction by Benjamin Askinas (
Cinematography by Doug Porter
Style by Alexandra Gurvitch
Produced by Marlowe Griffin Lyddon, Justin Reis
Cuts by John Edward Curtis
Assistant Direction by Joshua Grossman
Hair & Make up by Kelsey Leahy
G&E by Allie Altman, Tyler Weinberger 

A Very Special Thanks to Hannah Fleishman, Allison Hable, Fred Kim, Taylor Meacham, Valeria Navarro, Vjeran Pavic, Rachel Ross Sullivan, Micah Schure, Ean Williams, Crystal Yuen, and Jon allen

You can check out the original frame snapped for the video’s thumbnail as well as more “behind the scenes” photos on our friend Fred’s page at

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